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Custom Steering Wheels

Flossy has partnered with Sweidit, which is also a local Californian company, to produce custom steering wheels.  You can choose the color of the wheel (colors based on options already on, OR basic color choices such as white, blue, orange etc), the material used to wrap the wheel (alcantara, leather, etc), as well as the stitching color.  Additionally, Flossy will custom engrave on the center hub of the wheel as well.  We are confident that you will be pleased with this fully-customizable experience, all made from the ground-up, and tailored to your specifications.

  • Lead time for each wheel is 4-5 weeks; for pre-orders (only available for pre-order at this time), the lead time may increase to 5-7 weeks.  Over time, we hope to get this number down.
  • Custom wheels are refundable in the first two weeks of ordering, after that, we do not accept returns on the wheel as the custom portions of the wheel are started (color, material, etc)
  • Steering wheel does not include airbag support, or horn-button support
  • Please see terms and conditions on our site, or email us for specific legal and general statements regarding usage and installation of the wheel 

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