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LA FONDA HEAVY was brought to life to give an auto enthusiast something new and fresh around shifting. Flossy is proud to release this high quality, American made shift knob, and charge less than any competition. The 2" ball has been designed to give you the best possible weighted shifting experience in your vehicle, while enhancing the look of your interior. A texturized powder-coated addition gives the best possible grip, and the counter-weighted aluminum allows you to get to the right gear, quickly while reducing grind. Make your ride mas-flossy with this addition:

  • CNC produced with 6061 Aluminum and weighted for shifting quality
  • Powder Coated and Texturized for Grip and Feel
  • Coating allows for "cooler" effect, so knob stays cooler than most
  • Machined Threading allows for precision fitment with NO Delrin Inserts (bye-bye plastic)
  • Custom laser engraving on rounded surface 
  • Made in the USA 100% FLOSSY
  • 540 grams of weighted butteryness

*Flossy guarantees fitment on your vehicle, yet some makes and models have different pitches for the threading, as well as aftermarket enhancements. If you receive a knob that does not fit correctly, please do not force it to fit, and send an e-mail, with a model and make for your car through our contact form on the site. Flossy will gladly send you an equal knob with correct fitment free of charge, and will ship the item with 2-day air to your doorstep.

Flossy offers CUSTOM engraving on our Shift Knobs for an additional $10. If you would like CUSTOM engraving, simply select the CUSTOM ENGRAVING option in the selection boxes, and the fee will be added into the purchase. You will need to specify your vehicle by emailing the address below, and you will need to provide your art as well.

Send art for the logo to, and please allow 10 days for completion upon payment.

*some restrictions may apply. There is no possibility for return of a custom engraved knob, unless determined defective by Flossy.