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NOTE:  This product is a LIMITED RELEASE and may be removed from the site at any time.  All orders for the knob will be fulfilled, yet due to inventory levels we ask for 5-7 days to ship this product 

THE MARTHAPOKE Pokeball shift knob was brought to life to give an auto enthusiast something new and fresh around shifting.  Flossy is proud to release this high quality, American made shift knob, and charge less than any competition.  The 2" ball has been designed to give you the best possible weighted shifting experience in your vehicle, while enhancing the look of your interior.  A billet aluminum ball gives you the nice weight you want and allows you to get to the right gear, quickly while reducing grind.  Make your ride mas-flossy with this addition:

  • CNC produced with 6061 Aluminum and weighted for shifting quality
  • "Martha" coating is a 2 Stage finish, which gives you durability and long lasting quality
  • YOU CAN HAVE US CUSTOM ENGRAVE THE TOP (select "fitment+custom engraving")
  • Machined Threading allows for precision fitment with NO Delrin Inserts (bye-bye plastic)
  • Made in the USA 100% flossy
  • 220 grams of weighted butteryness
  • Reverse Lockout Support for 6 Speed Transmissions with Lockout